Wineberry “Aunt Nell”

[Aristotelia x fruserrata]

Aunt Nell
was the affectionate name given to Ellen Dennison; a much loved woman who typified the pioneering spirit, rising above all life’s adversities.


2x1.6m.Robust, evergreen or semi-evergreen compact native bush.                    
Maintains its fresh light green leaves throughout the seasons.
The flowers are pink and cream.
Fruits are wine to black in colour.


Attractive, tidy garden shrub for back of boarder
and in mixed native shrubberies.
 Landscaping and re-vegetation.
Cut foliage for flower arranging.


Open site or semi-shade.
Well-drained medium soils.


May require male for good berry production e.g. Aristotelia “Kingsley Butler”.


May be pruned [light or hard] as desired.

Protected by PVR SHM 199


[Named with the help of the Lakes District Museum, Arrowtown]