Wineberry “Kingsley Butler”

[Aristotelia x fruserrata]

Kingsley Butler, while small in stature, had a larger than life character and loved gardening.


Shapely, compact evergreen native shrub.            .
1.5m x1.5m.Glossy leaves coloured burgundy in youth and in response to winter cold.
A sprinkling of red leaves throughout the bush.
Masses of cream to pink flowers smother bush in mid spring; a male form producing no fruit.


Pollinates other fruiting types.
May be desired for areas where birds and fruit are not desired.
Attractive garden specimen or landscape plantings.


Open site or semi-shade.
Well-drained medium soils.


May be pruned if desired.

Protected by PVR SHM185

[Named with the help of the Lakes District Museum, Arrowtown]