Wineberry “Rosie Buckingham”

[Aristotelia x fruserrata]

Rosie Buckingham had a beautiful voice and was a member of a family of entertainers. She eventually drowned while accompanying pirate Bully Hayes to Croixelles Harbour.


2m x 1.6m.
Robust, upright bush with attractive red stems.     
The glossy leaves are burgundy in colour on juvenile foliage and more especially in winter.
Older bushes have dark green foliage.
Fresh green growth looks striking set against the darker, burgundy coloured foliage in spring.
Pink berries; rich pink flowers.


Attractive garden shrub for back of boarder or mixed native shrubberies.
Good landscape plant for contrasting foliage colour/red stems.
Revegetation projects.
Cut foliage for flower arranging.


Open site or semi –shade.
Well-drained medium soils.


 May require male for good berry production e.g. Aristotelia “Kingsley Butler”


May be pruned [light or hard] if desired.
Pruning may rejuvenate burgundy colour foliage especially for winter.

Protected by PVR SHM 197

[Named with the help of the Lakes District Museum, Arrowtown]